Minecraft TU9 for 360: Some Players Can’t Load Saves

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Not all appears well in the land of Minecraft for Xbox 360 – despite 4J Studios’ highly anticipated launch of Title Update 9.

According to a report from the International Digital Times on Saturday, TU9 contains a number of glitches.

The update was actually released ahead of schedule and 4J recently admitted a big problem. “If you are having a problem loading saves, please read our previous tweets for a workaround until we get a bug fix update out,” commented the company Thursday via its Twitter page.

Other problems reportedly include the inability for some players to load worlds, falling through worlds and more.

TU9 was anticipated to be one of the largest updates in Minecraft for Xbox 360’s still young history. Notable changes include a new layout for ‘The End,’ stackable buckets and signs, climbable vines, crafting recipe changes, beaches for terrain generation, toggle for Death Messages, the ability to now place trapdoors on half slabs along with stairs and a whole bunch more.