Minecraft Xbox 360 Retail Version Sees Big Sales

Minecraft Xbox 360 Retail Version Sees Strong Sales(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft Xbox 360 retail edition just recently launched in stores – and sales have been strong, at least according to Minecraft lead designer Markus Persson (aka “Notch”).

“Haha, so apparently the physical disc version of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has been out in stores for several days. Had no idea. ;D,” stated Persson in a recent Tweet.

He followed it up by tweeting, “And they’re telling me it’s currently the fastest selling console game in the US. Neato! :D.”

Minecraft Xbox 360 has been a top seller on Xbox Live Arcade since its arrival in May of last year. Unlike the PC version by Mojang, its development is handled by 4J Studios.