Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 to Feature Mash Up Pack Trial

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Will Feature Mash Up Pack Trial(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – TU12 for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will be released alongside a mash up pack trial version, 4J Studios confirmed via its Twitter account on Thursday.

The issue was brought up by a fan who pointed out that not many had money to spend on Microsoft points.

“All textures will be available, and no time limit. You just won’t be able to save with a trial pack,” explained 4J when further questioned on how the trials would work.

Title update 12 has been highly anticipated and 4J has maintained it’s in the bug fixing phase of the major update.

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, a top seller on Xbox Live Arcade, was released last May.