Minecraft Xbox 360 TU13 to Double Minecart Speeds

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU13 to Double Minecart Speeds(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After finally releasing Minecraft TU12 (title update 12) last month, Xbox 360 edition developer 4J on Monday let gamers in on a pretty cool change that will arrive with TU13.

“We’ll be changing the minecart speeds to twice the current speed in TU13. MOAR Rollercoasters!” stated the company via its Twitter page.

TU13 is primarily expected to address bug issues.

The news regarding the update arrives after 4J released a Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack for the game earlier this month.

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition has been a top seller on Xbox Live Arcade since launching for the Microsoft console in May of last year.