Minecraft’s First Wearable Gameband Revolutionizes Gaming

Minecraft's First Wearable Gameband Revolutionizes Gaming(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft has changed the face of the gaming industry with its first wearable device that allows users to play the game from anywhere.

According to Wearable, the Gameband, created by Now Computing, features a black silicone band with a USB that stores up to 8GB of storage. Users can plug the USB into any port on any Mac, Windows, and Linux computer and bring up their saved game.

“Gameband Minecraft™ is the first-ever Minecraft wearable. Gameband Minecraft™ lets you take your Worlds with you and play Minecraft anywhere, anytime — on any computer,” says the devices website. “Featuring ultra-fast, long-lasting hardware, Gameband saves your Worlds and also backs them up onto our secure, cloud-based servers.”

The device also features a 140-LED digital display screen that can be customized to display time and date, amount of remaining storage, or text and animation messages.

Users can even upload their own images through the Pixel Furnace software, which includes abstract, animals, block, Redstone, and retro images.

“We have preloaded maps and mini-games from Minecraft superstars like Hypixel, SethBling and Dragnoz,” said Now Computing Maye Mac-Swiney. “It’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of Minecrafters love to play on servers or maps. And yet, some gamers don’t know how to download them or don’t even know all the maps that are out there.”

Users can purchase the Gameband + Minecraft wearable for $79.99 from Target, GameStop, EB Games, and Newegg.