MobileNow is Now Perigon Networks

(Ping! Zine) – According to founder Tony Valenti, MobileNow, Inc. has changed its name to Perigon Networks, Inc..

“A perigon is a 360-degree angle, or complete circle,” Valenti explained. “Thus, the name Perigon Networks better reflects our company’s mission to offer a complete range of DotNetNuke hosting services.”

DotNetNuke was founded in 2002 as an open-source Web content management platform for building Web sites and Web applications on Microsoft.NET. Two years later, Tony Valenti founded PowerDNN with only one server and a single customer.

Originally focused completely on hosting, the company offered  DotNetNuke hosting with real-time support. Later that year, a major milestone occurred when Valenti set up the second shared hosting server.

The company expanded significantly in 2005 when John Grange joined the team.  After meeting with Valenti and hearing about Power DNN’s mission and internal infrastructure, John was so intrigued that he started volunteering his time to learn about DotNetNuke and to analyze PowerDNN’s business model.

Within months, at Grange’s suggestion, PowerDNN expanded its product line to include dedicated servers and virtual servers. Soon after that launch, Grange joined PowerDNN on a full-time basis and took over the majority of PowerDNN’s sales management.

PowerDNN has been serving the international DotNetNuke community since 2005. Its focus has been on reaching users in need of high-end services and support, as well as servicing organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to the federal government.

As the company continues to expand, Valenti and Grange still play major roles in PowerDNN’s day-to-day operations. Valenti does hands-on development and training for employees and customers. Grange, now Executive Vice President & COO, still leads the sales team.

“We are always pushing the limits of what our company can do,” Valenti said.