Mojang COO Reveals New Information On Minecraft Movie

Mojang COO Reveals New Information On Minecraft Movie(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Within the next couple of years Mojang fans could be seeing a multi million-dollar movie based off the popular block building game Minecraft.

In an interview with The Guardian, Mojang’s COO Vu Bui offered more insight into the Minecraft movie that is currently under development by Warner Bros., GameSpot reports.

When asked when the movie will be out Bui stated, “I still have no idea. A long time. I’m going to guess three years, but it could be four, probably not two. 3-4 years seems to be a reasonable bet.”

“A movie takes years, especially a large-budget movie like this. It’s still in the beginning stages, and there really isn’t a clear picture yet of what this is going to be. Once there is, I’m sure we’ll share more.”

Bui added that the reason Mojang partnered with Warner Bros. is because they respect the material and are not looking to just make a profit.

“We were approached by so many studios, but after talking to Warner Bros, we decided that this are absolutely the team we want to work with. They respect the brand, respect the IP, and want to make something that is going to be awesome, not just capitalize on the success of the game.”

It is still unclear what character will be in the film and what they storyline will be.