Mojang Readies Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.4.0

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Game developer Mojang has made sure to cover all bases with its popular title Minecraft. Whether its for the PC, console (Xbox 360), or the mobile device, availability of the much discussed game now affects a multitude of platforms.

And on Wednesday, the company announced some big changes that would be taking effect on the Minecraft Pocket Edition. “We have now submitted the 0.4.0 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition and we expect it to be released in mid-September. When we get a specific date, we’ll of course tell you guys,” commented Mojang via its website.

So what’s in store come the anticipated update date? Some big new features are in the mix. Among them are new chests to store items, new food items, creepers!, zombies that drop feathers, a new trap door, a new peaceful mode option that allows survival mode without those pesky monsters and quite a lot more (full list of changes here via

Meanwhile, obvious bugs were corrected including what had allowed monsters to spawn indoors. And as for some tweaks, users can now expect longer days, you’ll find yourself moving slow when using an item (more realistic, right?) and limits for the total number for types of monsters.

Minecraft has become increasingly popular in the last year. The game itself allows users to survive in a 3D-pixelated world by constructing shelters, gathering resources and fending off pesky monsters. Just last week, the game developer rolled out Minecraft Rerelease update 1.3.2.