Mojang Readies ‘Pretty Scary’ Minecraft Update for 10/24

(Ping! Zine Tech Magazine) – Minecraft developer Mojang unveiled its latest snapshot (12w40a) for the popular title on Thursday, rolling out a variety of changes.

The release primarily entails bug fixes including terrain changes for the Witch, the ability to generate strongholds and trees with flatworld configuration, new hot keys for inventory and more.

The developer, meanwhile, is getting in the Halloween spirit with a major update it aims to release on October 24, something it’s been describing as the “Pretty Scary Update.”

Also known as Minecraft 1.4, the version is expected to bring sweeping changes including the introduction of moss mob Wither, a three-headed ghostly figure, according to a page appearing on

Minecraft has become increasingly popular since its initial release. The game allows users to survive in a 3D pixelated world by constructing shelters, gathering resources and fending off monsters.