More PingZine Booth Ideas

So I think that I am somewhat uniquely qualified to suggest what PingZine should consider for a booth presentation at HostingCon 2007. This is because during the very first HostingCon – TechPad Agency shared a booth with PingZine. So we know exactly what the crew at PingZine is capable of.

I read the recent post – Are you ready for HostingCon 2007? – and in particular the following booth suggestion from PingZine designer, Derek M.: “He suggests we make a campfire in the center of our booth and tell campfire stories around it. He even went as far as offering to wear a loin cloth and play his guitar while Devin reads Ping! Zine articles to those who want to take a break and sit down to listen.”

Okay, clearly this idea has some merits. Mostly the whole loin cloth idea. But a campfire is totally unrealistic. You can’t have a campfire indoors at Navy Pier – the fire marshall won’t allow it. So while there’s a great kernal of a concept there – I think we need to brainstorm further to get to some more plausible ideas.

Here are a couple of “high concepts”:

1. Create the “PingZine Navy Pier Skywalk”. This is a subset of the Grand Canyon Skywalk created by architect David Jin. This is a glass bottom walkway that juts out over the Grand Canyon offering spectacular unobstructed views of the canyon. The PingZine version will jut out over Lake Michigan – but will have the same characteristics as the original skywalk. It will:

Support the weight of about 70 Boeing 747 jets.

Withstand winds of 100 mph coming from eight directions.

Withstand an earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude.

To offset the cost PingZine will charge $250 per person to walk out on the skywalk. Pros? – Great buzz at HostingCon. Cons? – It will cost several billion dollars and take 16 years to build.

2. In a similar vein – an alternative booth idea is – the “PingZine Sky Booth”. This execution of the PingZine booth unites a traditional 10×10 booth with a hot air balloon. The booth is tethered to the balloon and an exclsuive select few are chosen to step inside the PingZine booth – which then casts off it’s ballast – and rises up off the show floor – through a sliding panel in the roof – for a spectacular balloon ride displaying the Chicago skyline at the lake shore.

Pros? – Cheaper than the Skywalk idea – still gets a great buzz at the show. Cons? – Impractical to blow a hole in the roof of Navy Pier – clients may get airsick.

3. The PingZine “Jail” Booth. It’s all the fashion now to either go to jail – or simply flaunt the law. With Paris Hilton entering jail this week to huge publicity and the likes of Lindsay Lohan potentially getting ready to serve time – jail is HOT! So the concept is to create a booth that is a “jail”. The PingZine crew trumps up some fake “charges” and places the booth visitors into their cell. There they sit until they agree to a generous ad buy in both PingZine Magazine and at PingZine Online. Imagine the hilarity that will ensue when they are “paroled”!

Pros? – Ad sales will go through the roof! Cons? – Holding HostingCon visitors against their will could land Keith Duncan in a real jail. Well, I don’t know about you – but that’s a risk I’m willing to take!

 Let me know what you think of my concepts for the PingZine booth. Or suggest some of your own.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan and provided courtesy of the dedicated web hosting experts at The Hosting News.