More Than 5,500 Applications Received for .BANK

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today fTLD Registry Services announced that more than 5,500 .BANK applications have been received from members of the global banking community. Top locations for .BANK registrations come from banking institutions across the United States, as well as countries including South Africa, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Early adopters like Kansas City-based Lead Bank are among the banks preparing to switch their .com websites over to the .BANK address, citing the enhanced security features of the domain, including strong encryption and verification requirements, as a key driver of the decision to transition.

“Lead Bank is committed to providing the very best service for its clients, and moving from a .com to a .BANK URL was a strategic decision for us,” said Josh Rowland, vice chairman of Lead Bank.  “Understanding that a .BANK domain would ensure additional security of clients’ information, clearly indicates valid bank URLs for clients, and give Lead Bank an opportunity to present itself to potential clients as an innovative, forward-thinking bank, made migrating domains very appealing. While we are a small bank, we want our clients to have confidence that we are leading the way when it comes to providing the most secure and efficient technology to our clients.”

fTLD Registry Services has also released “A Guide to Leveraging .BANK,” a framework of communications and educational recommendations for banks adopting the new domain. The guide outlines communications framework for the use of .BANK to employees, customers and other stakeholders, as well as ways to educate executives, IT teams, marketers and vendors about .BANK’s enhanced security requirements.

“The strong demand for owning a .BANK domain, since the new web extension was launched last month, shows that banks recognize that the security offered by .BANK will be a critical tool for protecting their customers’ proprietary information,” said Craig Schwartz. “To customers who visit a .BANK website, the look and feel will be similar to that of other websites, but the use of .BANK will signal their bank’s commitment to online security.”

All applications for .BANK web addresses are verified by Symantec as part of the domain’s enhanced security requirements. This ensures that only banks and other organizations that are eligible for a .BANK name are granted one. Symantec has completed more than 2,000 verifications and .BANK names are reserved for the banks that submitted the applications until the verification process is complete.

To request “A Guide to Leveraging .BANK” please visit

.BANK is now open to all eligible organizations. For complete eligibility requirements, please see the .BANK Registrant Eligibility Policy.

About .BANK
.BANK is a new top-level domain developed by and for the global banking community. It is a trusted, verified and more secure location on the Internet for the banking industry and the customers it serves.  fTLD Registry Services, an organization established in 2011 by a coalition of banks, insurance companies and financial services trade associations from around the world, manages the .BANK domain. For more information, visit