More than half of US and UK citizens believe their government is spying on them

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Trust in politics is at an “all time low” with 52% of US citizens believing that their government is spying on them. That’s according to new research from secure server provider Artmotion, which questioned more than 2200 people on their levels of trust in politics following the recent NSA and GCHQ privacy scandals.

According to the findings of this research, concerns over government snooping are highest amongst young voters, with 62% of 18-24 year olds believing that the UK government is spying on their activities.

Interestingly, despite the furore around the NSA’s involvement in mass surveillance, trust in politicians is even lower in the UK than it is in the US. According to additional research from Artmotion 56% of UK citizens believe that their government is spying on them – 4% more than within the US.

Commenting on these findings, Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion said: “With a higher percentage of the UK population believing that the government is spying on them than not, it is increasingly clear that trust in politics has reached an all time low. Following the revelations of whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, as well as leaked information from the recently hacked HackingTeam website, it has become abundantly clear that individual privacy is simply off the agenda for most Western governments.

“With the exception of a few European nations such as Luxembourg and Switzerland, personal privacy is increasingly seen as an outdated or even quaint notion that cannot survive in the modern world. This simply isn’t true. As UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent comments on banning encryption have shown, much of this rhetoric comes down to a simple lack of technological understanding within the political space. Thankfully, while this lack of understanding may be undermining the electorate’s trust in politics, for those businesses and individuals that do wish to protect their data, many international data centres still provide secure options such as dedicated servers and encrypted server disks.”

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