Most Prefer Company Facebook Pages Over Websites

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Not all businesses believe that a Facebook presence is important for their brand, and there are many small businesses that struggle with finding the time to set up and maintain a presence on social media. Despite all of the potential for successfully using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for a small business, it is difficult to find the time or justification for getting started. Fortunately, market research firm Lab42 recently conducted a study of 1,000 Facebook users, and their relationships with brands and businesses on the network. These findings might be of interest to any small business owner looking to learn more about social strategy.

Most Facebook users like at least one brand on Facebook.

The research examined the motivations behind users ‘liking’ certain brands on Facebook, and illustrates how companies can use this information to increase their social community. Of the 1,000 users studied, 87 percent like at least one brand’s page, with 75 percent admitting to feeling more connected to a business through Facebook. These two statistics might actually be motivation by themselves for why a company should create a page, simply because of the population of users who are following brands.

As for more specific reasons why users are choosing to follow a brand’s Facebook activity, 69 percent have said that they have liked a page specifically because one of the friends in their network had liked it. This is valuable justification for running promotions to encourage users to like your business page. For example, if your promotion gains you 100 additional likes, you might get 50 more on top of that just from it spreading throughout the network. Also, half of users believe that a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than the company’s website, in terms of getting information and having the ability to easily communicate.

The research also delved into what causes users to “un-like” a brand’s Facebook page, which businesses should see as a guide for bad practices to avoid. The most popular reasons un-liking a page were because the brand posted too often, or the user had a bad experience and stopped liking the company in general. Each of those reasons should be clues for any business developing their marketing strategy for Facebook. A common mistake for brands on any social network is posting too frequently, and flooding their fans newsfeeds to the point of saturation.

Read more about the research, and determine if these findings are of interest to your business as you maintain your Facebook presence.

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