Motorola Mobility Sells Facilities in Supply Chain Revamp

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Last year, Google made a notable investment in mobile hardware – announcing its intention to purchase Motorola Mobility. Now the tech giant appears to be tweaking its recently acquired subsidiary.

According to Tech Crunch report from Tuesday, the company is selling facility locations in areas including China and Brazil.

Meanwhile, the facilities won’t completely shut down. They’re being sold to Flextronics, a company Motorola has worked with in the past.

Mark Randall, a Senior VP with Motorola Mobility, discussed a primary benefit of the move in a press release. “The agreement with Flextronics is an important step forward for us in transforming our overall supply chain into a competitive advantage for Motorola Mobility,” Randall stated.

The acquisition, meanwhile, could be final by early next year.

Google’s announced acquisition of Motorola Mobility in August of 2011 accounted for a purchase price of $12.5 billion, according to previous reports. At the time, company CEO Larry Page called the move a “natural fit” due to the two sides’ coordination of mobile OS Android.