Mozilla Firefox OS Adds Payment Support for Web Apps

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Popular browser provider Mozilla on Thursday unveiled a new solution for still very new mobile platform Firefox OS in the form of payment support for web apps.

The company admitted the new JavaScript API was inspired by Google’s Wallet for Digital Goods – but noted it added several key features including carrier billing along with working with multiple payment providers.

“Mozilla’s main goal with navigator.mozPay() is to give users and merchants choice, security, and an easy to use payments system. The details about how merchants interact with payment providers is not yet specified in the API and that is clearly a gap,” commented the company via its Hacks blog.

The provider is also asking those interested to test the still experimental platform by generating an Application Key and Application Secret (for stimulations) via the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub.

Just last month, Mozilla previewed version 3.0 of its Firefox OS Stimulator – something that prominently features a “push to device” capability.

Firefox OS is based off coding language HTML5 and phones capable of supporting the OS are expected to be launched from wireless providers including Deutsche Telekom and Sprint.