Mozilla Launches Firefox OS App Manager for Developers

Mozilla Launches Firefox OS App Manager for Devs(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Mozilla on Tuesday unveiled a new tool for developers integrated into Firefox 26. Known as “Firefox OS App Manager,” the feature helps developers build and debug Firefox OS applications.

The functions are available in both connected devices and the Simulator.

“Based on the Firefox OS Simulator add-on, it bridges the gap between existing Firefox Developer tools and the Firefox OS Simulator, allowing developers to fully debug and deploy their web apps to Firefox OS with ease,” stated Mozilla via its Hacks website (

With the addition, the current Simulator Dashboard is replaced by the new App manager.

The App Manger also provides users with the ability to “update, start, stop and debug system level apps.”

Installing App Manager requires users to have Firefox 26 or later in addition to Firefox OS 1.2. Other requirements include Firefox OS Simulator 1.2 and either ADB SDK or the helper Add-on for ADB. You can learn more information by viewing Mozilla’s post here (