Namecast Unveils New Global DNS Platform

(Ping! Zine) – Namecast, a provider of advanced global DNS traffic management solutions, announces the availability of advanced CDN load balancing, pro-active application monitoring and geographic filtering on its proprietary DNS platform.

These enhanced features differentiate Namecast’s solutions by offering ISPs, content providers and global enterprise businesses inherently more control, customized features, and access to monitoring tools not available on the market today.

Namecast has upgraded its platform to meet the growing demands of its customers that struggle with limitations offered by traditional off-the-shelf software. “We founded Namecast to provide the marketplace with a full-control, easily modifiable solution to ensure disaster recovery plans, uptime requirements and general IP network optimization solutions,” comments Namecast’s CTO and Founder, Afsheen Bigdeli. “It is important to us that our customers feel we are meeting their needs and to provide customized platform solutions to meet their specific business requirements.”

The upgraded platform adds new features for load balancing between CDN providers based on priority, time of day, or advanced geographic filters. Users can also utilize Namecast’s application monitoring to balance traffic or fail over between CDN providers based on standard ICMP, TCP and HTTP monitoring probes, as well as download speed, streaming video status, and origin server load.

Namecast’s globally deployed application probes monitor web content based on pre-defined customized criteria. In the event of an outage, Namecast’s platform can seamlessly redirect DNS entries to enhance performance and preserve uptime. Changes are instantly propagated across Namecast’s network without any delays.  The company’s cloud based solution requires no changes to current architecture or applications, and can be deployed within minutes.

For more information about Namecast, or to learn how they can assist your business needs, please visit or email [email protected].