Nameservers Change Knocks Irish Google Offline

(Ping! Zine Tech Magazine) – Google down? The relatively rare occurrence became an actuality for Irish internet users on Tuesday, according to a blog post from security firm Sophos.

The domain was rendered uncooperative and Sophos itself pointed to a change in nameservers via the Irish Domain Registry. They were mysteriously redirected to, a domain based out of Indonesia.

Some, including Sophos, have speculated the downtime may have been caused by hackers.

“Whether this was the result of a malicious hack or an admin screwup is as yet uncertain, but the danger was that if someone bad was responsible for the change they could have potentially taken users to a bogus Google website, and infected them with malware or distributed advertising pop-ups,” noted the security company.

Irish internet users, meanwhile, were still able to use other versions of the top search engine including during the incident.