NASA Constellation Program Adopts Acumen Software

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Acumen announced today that NASA’s Constellation Program will now use Acumen Fuse and Acumen 360 for schedule analysis and schedule acceleration.

The Kennedy Space Center, home of the Constellation Program, has managed every manned space exploration project since 1968 and will oversee this program designed to send mankind to deep space. After an in-depth review of the market, Constellation’s ground systems development team selected Fuse for its unique capabilities: advanced schedule diagnostics, vivid reporting options, and robust performance. Additionally, Acumen Fuse software includes metrics, or schedule quality checks, endorsed by NASA’s Independent Program Assessment Office (IPAO).

NASA IPAO reviews NASA programs independently at key decision points in the project life cycle. The Constellation Program team chose to adopt the same internal checks to get ahead of the review curve and self-assess projects. With Acumen Fuse, the project team can review and improve schedule quality and performance. Acumen 360 specializes in creating schedule scenarios for delay recovery or early completion.

“The Constellation Program adopting Acumen Fuse is a great example of how a program review organization and the organization under review can agree on standards for schedule quality assessment and use Acumen Fuse to ensure those standards are met,” said Acumen aerospace and defense Business Development Manager, Brad Arterbury.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Acumen was born from a recognized need for improved project performance insight and vision, integrating both schedule and cost. Through the use of project analytical techniques and best practices, Acumen is a project management company that is second to none in providing an insight into not only project challenges but more importantly, through analytics, an effective means of solving them.