NASA Moves to Encrypt Systems After Laptop Stolen

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A curious case of a stolen laptop computer has led to heightened security awareness at NASA.

The space agency recently sent out an email message to its employees, alerting them to the matter. The case reportedly involved one stolen computer system taken from a vehicle which just so happened to be locked.

“We are thoroughly assessing and investigating the incident, and taking every possible action to mitigate the risk of harm or inconvenience to affected employees,” stated the agency in its email, according to

NASA also noted the laptop contained personal data pertaining to a significant amount of its employees. And while the agency said the computer was secured with a password, it also noted the laptop did not include encryption protection.

To deal with the incident’s aftermath, NASA has moved to require that all laptop systems be encrypted before removal from agency facilities.

Administrators are now working with company ID Experts to help safeguard staff members possibly affected by the theft.

NASA previously faced a high profile security incident when a hacker breached the Jet Propulsion laboratory, stealing data for more than 150 employees. That attack was thought to originate from a Chinese IP.