Neon Control Panel Looks for Support with Kickstarter

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – An up and coming hosting control panel named Neon is hoping to get community support via fundraising through

The PHP-based service intends to support Linux operating system Debian and developers hope to port it to other platforms like CentOS, REHL, Fedora and Ubuntu at a later date.

The support cost? Fundraisers have set a $10 thousand dollar goal with 25 days counting to reach the amount.

“Neon, unlike any other control panel on the market will officially support nginx which means websites using it will load faster and be more stable,” comment the developers via their Kickstarter page.

Two versions are in the mix. A Community Support edition expects to include features such as backups, DNS, Reseller functions, a file manager, among others.

A Pro Edition could include features such as a WHMCS module, priority and ticket support, along with features already included in the community version.

“Developing a large system takes time and effort, we stand prepared to continue developing the project and have the experience and professionalism to complete the project,” Neon developers state.

Further support for platforms via the control panel could depend on how much money is raised. For example, administrators say they’ll add Apache and Lighthttpd support with $15 thousand of financial backing.