Net Neutrality Could Lead To A 16% Increase in Broadband Taxes

Net Neutrality Could Lead To A 16% Increase in Broadband Taxes(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Internet has been buzzing about President Obama’s stance on net neutrality, in which he called for the Federal Communications Commission to not allow Internet companies the ability to slow traffic in order to gain profits.

Under the Title II of the Communications Act, consumers could pay a 16.1% increase in broadband taxes in which Republicans and conservative activists are strongly opposed to, reports PCWorld.

Republican FCC member Michael O’Rielly stated that the regulation could add USF fees as well as state and local telecom taxes.

“Consumers of these services would face an immediate increase in their bills,” noted O’reilly.

Broadband providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast strongly disapprove with Obama’s stance, with AT&T claimng they would challenge the rules in court if passed.

“For a generation, the Internet has been an American success story. Light-touch regulation has encouraged levels of investment unprecedented by any industry and spawned incredible innovation. Today’s action puts all of that at risk—and puts it at risk not to remedy any specific harm that has occurred,” said AT&T senior executive VP Jim Cicconi.

The FCC’s voting on net neutrality is expected to be announced in 2015