Netelligent Hosting Launches NETEL CLOUD Hosting Technology

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Netelligent Hosting today launched its next-generation line of Cloud hosting services, NETEL CLOUD, providing fully scalable, redundant, and secure hosting for businesses of all sizes. Prices start at just $21 per month.

NETEL CLOUD infrastructure utilizes XEN virtualization technology and offers redundancy at essentially every level of the hosting environment, which assures optimal uptime and avoids traditional failure points, such as individual hard drive failures or power outages. Customers can purchase whatever scale and scope of Cloud infrastructure they need. Netelligent Hosting offers both Advanced Cloud Machines (providing individual virtualized Cloud servers) and a Cloud Virtual Datacenter (offering a fully elastic, multi-server environment suited for resellers).

Advanced Cloud Machines offer up to 21.3Ghz of vCPU, 192GB of RAM, 750MB/s of port speed, and a wide variety of data storage options, including SAS, SATA, and hybrid solutions. Provisioning of Advanced Cloud Machines is completely automated, so customers can begin using their account within minutes of placing an order. Pricing for Advanced Cloud Machines range from basic, entry-level solutions to high-end, complex hosting environments for businesses with mission-critical hosting needs. Customers can choose from Linux or Windows platforms, and can select from cPanel, Direct Admin, or Plesk control panels.

“Cloud Hosting remains the most significant technological advancement to Internet infrastructure in the past decade. Our NETEL CLOUD technology offers exceptional power and flexibility, and is backed by our outstanding, award-winning customer support department,” said Maxime M. Boutin, director of sales and marketing for Netelligent Hosting.

The company’s Cloud Virtual Datacenter offers a completely integrated multi-server Cloud Hosting environment, geared primarily for hosting resellers. Cloud Virtual Datacenter allows resellers to provision their own Cloud instances, each with full elasticity. Starting at $399 per month, Cloud Virtual Datacenter scales to as many CPU cores as needed. Resellers simply buy a cluster resource pool, and divide it among their customers as needed. The service is completely white labeled, so resellers can brand it to their customers as they see fit.

A key advantage of NETEL CLOUD is complete elasticity for each Cloud instance. This ultimate flexibility allows customers to upgrade or downgrade resource requirements – in real time – as needs change. This freedom saves both money and the risk of downtime due to spikes in resource use.

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About Netelligent Hosting

Founded in 2000, Netelligent Hosting Services provides a complete range of customized, scalable hosting solutions specializing in dedicated hosting, colocation, Cloud Hosting, and bandwidth services. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the company occupies space in 6 datacenters in Montreal, and it owns and operates its own BGP4 network (AS10929).