Netflix Examines Internet Pirates to Decide on Content

Netflix Looks at Internet Pirates to Decide on its Content(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you’re wondering how Netflix goes about deciding which films to put on instant, the popular video streaming service actually looks at what content is popular on websites that pirate videos.

The revelation was recently made by company VP of content Kelly Merryman in an interview with Dutch news website Tweakers, according to the BBC.

“With the purchase of series, we look at what does well on piracy sites,” stated Merryman.

Merrman pointed to the series “Prison Break” as being especially popular on piracy sites but noted there were some Netflix strayed away from. “But there are many programmes that we will not buy, such as The Voice. Such live programmes are better suited for live TV,” she continued.

Earlier this year in May, company Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos suggested that Netflix’s popularity might actually help cut down on BitTorrent websites. “One of the things is we get ISPs to publicise their connection speeds – and when we launch in a territory the Bittorrent traffic drops as the Netflix traffic grows,” he commented in an interview with Stuff.TV.