Netflix’s Hastings Departs Microsoft Board of Directors

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Shortly before the company releases its much anticipated Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft’s board of directors is getting a high profile change. On Tuesday, it became public knowledge that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings would step down from his position.

Microsoft announced the move in a press release.

Hastings, meanwhile, should have plenty to deal with. He currently serves on other boards of directors including that of Facebook.

The Netflix CEO cited his need to focus on his own company as a reason for his departure.

“I’m thrilled to have served on the board at such a pivotal time for Microsoft, including the development of Windows 8, Windows RT and Microsoft Surface, which will bring exciting new opportunities for customers and the industry as a whole,” Hastings commented in a statement.

The company’s board currently has twelve members, including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The most notable member, however, is Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates who heads up the executive body as Chairman. Other members include Virtual Instruments CEO John W. Thompson and Seagate Technology CEO Stephen Luczo.

Hasting’s last role on the board will come during Microsoft’s shareholders meeting next month.

Board of director switches are common. However, Hasting’s departure is more high profile due to his leadership position at Netflix.

Former Google CEO and current Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt notably once served on Apple’s board of directors but vacated the position as the companies became competitors in the mobile market.