Network Critical Introduces AFS for Cloud Service Providers

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Network Critical announces a new Cloud network access platform as it continues to grow the Network Critical NA product portfolio. The Aggregating Filtering System (AFS) is designed to provide the highest density, 1G/10G full-featured access solution for Cloud networks.

Cloud Service Providers need to monitor their network and application performance, establish robust security and understand the overall customer experience in real time. These metrics are provided by a variety of appliances that must have reliable access to network links without adding delay or impacting network availability.

The AFS by Network Critical is the cornerstone of Cloud monitoring and security architecture. Saving valuable Data Center real estate, the AFS can be ordered in 8, 16, 24 and 48 port versions all in a 1U footprint. It is also an industry leader in flexibility with every port capable of performing at 1Gbps or 10Gbps. As an example, Cloud Providers can pack up to 48 10Gbps ports in 1U at line speed with no blocking, buffering or delay using the 960Gbps AFS backplane.

Along with a small physical size, the AFS includes a sophisticated feature set that helps Service Providers reduce their CAPEX by lowering monitoring port costs. It also reduces OPEX by making it easier to manage maintenance windows and increasing network availability while running multiple monitoring and security appliances.

According to Daniel O’Donnell, Vice President of Business Development at Network Critical, “Sophisticated management of Cloud networks will prove to be a critical market differentiator between the leaders and the laggards. The AFS is foundational to a robust, efficient and complete monitoring architecture.”

The AFS system offers Cloud providers the ability to aggregate links for efficient tool utilization, regenerate link data so multiple appliances can access the same link, filter data for better tool performance and distribute high speed link data to lower speed tools using two unique load balancing algorithms.

The AFS is leading the pack in pricing strategy as well. Network Critical has decided to include full port availability and the complete feature set at a very competitive flat price. There are no license fees or annual renewals required to achieve full performance on the AFS.

For more information on the AFS Cloud System contact Network Critical or visit their web site at

About Network Critical NA:

Network Critical, the leader in Access Technology Solutions, provides lab-certified, innovative, carrier-grade TAP solutions that enable complete access to network traffic across various network media. Network Critical TAPs are used in conjunction with IDS/IPS appliances, analyzers, probes and more, all while providing 100% network visibility and zero packet loss.

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