Neutral Tandem Launches New Web Portal

(Ping! Zine) – Neutral Tandem, Inc.announced today the launch of its new, custom-developed online web portal –   a tool designed to streamline and automate business conducted over its Ethernet Exchange in a secure manner.
 “Neutral Tandem’s online web portal was designed to enhance the overall customer experience and simplify the manner in which customers conduct business over the Exchange,” said Surendra Saboo, President and Chief Operating Officer of Neutral Tandem.  “The portal serves to empower our Ethernet Exchange customers, allowing them to find Ethernet connectivity solutions for their global off-net needs, place orders, view order status, as well as monitor service levels and trouble tickets on an end-to-end basis.”
The new portal offers custom security layers allowing customers to control which user groups are permitted to view, edit, and update content.  The reporting module of the portal offers the ability to view order status, reporting metrics on circuits, and more.  Additionally, the state-of-the-art tool will help drive sales activity for Exchange members by providing their building locations and service capabilities in a secure and streamlined fashion to Service Providers, as well as accept orders for tail circuits on their behalf.
“We believe that the new online web portal will be a staple tool for all of our Ethernet Exchange customers going forward,” continued Saboo. “It will enrich our customer experience, further illustrating Neutral Tandem’s objective to help its customers interconnect in a simplified and efficient manner.”
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