New Facebook Status Editing Feature Worries Some

New Facebook Status Editing Feature Worries Some(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The ability to now edit text on Facebook status updates is spreading fear that user responses could now be misinterpreted.

According to a BBC report on Monday, the top social network made the change to help users fix grammatical and spelling errors upon noticing them.

However, after one user likes an innocent post, with the new feature, the post’s owner could change the post to make the text entirely different.

For example, the original post could have read something like “I love cats.” Users may agree with the status and like it. However, it could later be edited to say “I hate cats” instead – thus wrongly giving off the impression that the people who initially liked the post are cat-haters.

“The latest update from Facebook to allow editing of posts after they have been published raises some real concerns amongst individuals I know and business clients of mine,” commented eSocialMedia’s Kieran Hannon in the BBC’s report. “A like or a comment made on a previously static piece of content is now open to misinterpretation – a fact that many less informed users are currently unaware of.”

It’s important to note, however, that Facebook statuses are shown to have been edited after the status owner initiates the changes.