New Fatalities Raise Questions at Foxconn

14494785_s(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The electronics manufacturer known as Foxconn is caught up in controversy regarding newly reported worker deaths at its Chinese-based factories.

The three fatalities were apparent suicides, a report from The New York Times signaled on Monday.

Foxconn is known for producing products for tech giants like Apple, Sony, Amazon, Nintendo and HP.

According to the NY Times report, Foxconn released a statement regarding the matter, saying, “We cannot speculate on individual reasons for these actions, but an internal review shows that there is no indication that they were caused by work-related matters.”

It continued, “It is also important to note that experts who have reviewed such tragic incidents in the past have indicated that suicide is a complex issue and that there is no one reason that can ever be cited for any such incident.”

The incident, meanwhile, was scrutinized by China Labor Watch which speculated on the cause. “The reasons for these building jumpings are unclear. Some estimate them to be related to the new “silence mode” policy at Zhengzhou in which workers are purportedly threatened with termination if they talk on the job. One report said that the most recent suicide might have been associated with relationship problems,” stated the organization via a press release.

Foxconn has been under pressure for a number of years now regarding what many critics have considered deplorable working conditions. The company has, however, defended its practices.Previous deaths have been noted at Foxconn facilities.

An investigation is ongoing.

Just last year, Apple worked to audit Foxconn with the hire of the Fair Labor Association.