New Hosting Partnership – Applied Innovations Uses SpamExperts to Manage Incoming Spam for its Hosted Domains

New Hosting Partnership - Applied Innovations Uses SpamExperts to Manage Incoming Spam for its Hosted Domains(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – SpamExperts, the leading provider of professional email security products from Amsterdam, today announces the start-up of a new hosting partnership with US company Applied Innovations, meant to create a better web hosting experience for its customers.

Major webhosts face constantly changing environments, and must consider daily variations in inbound spam outbreaks to achieve the right set-up and protection for their clients at a reasonable price.

Applied Innovations implemented SpamExperts email spam and virus filtering software in order to solve the growing problem of spam invading customers inboxes, increase of server resources usage and abuse of bandwidth from receiving junk messages and redelivering them. The SpamExperts solution proved to be successful by catching the spam and viruses before they reached the customers’ networks. Moreover, the domain based pricing with unlimited users per domain enabled Applied Innovations to activate the inbound filtering at a very reasonable price, while still being able to offer clients an anti-spam solution superior to competing premium offerings.

“Working with SpamExperts has been amazing. The team there has really over delivered on all aspects of our implementation and supporting our deployment, I couldn’t be happier. When shopping for a premium anti-spam offering, the marketplace is full of overpriced solutions for something our customers feel should be free or nearly free since it’s perceived as free when bundled with the likes of Hotmail and Gmail. SpamExperts has allowed us to close the price gap and deliver a solution that’s reasonably priced, yet as powerful as the other options available in the market today.”, says Jess Coburn, CEO of Applied Innovations.

“Applied Innovations is a valuable customer and we are pleased to strengthen our network of hosting partners in the US. By securing their networks from spam and virus attacks, Applied Innovations can rest assured that their end user site owners are protected, and can concentrate on running their businesses. By using SpamExperts’ solutions, webhosting providers can deliver the perfect upsell: email filtering, for spam protection and IP reputation, and stay ahead of the competition.”, says Sam Renkema, CEO of SpamExperts.

About Applied Innovations

Applied Innovations is a Cloud Hosting Provider focused exclusively on delivering services on top of the Windows Server Platform. Today, they power more than 35,000 domains for 10,000 customers on top of 2,700 server instances. For more info, please visit: