New Megaupload Coding “90% Done,” Says Kim Dotcom

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Controversial file sharing site was shut down earlier this year due to what the U.S. government alleged were copyright violations administered on behalf of founder and CEO Kim Dotcom.

Despite that, the site might make a comeback. On Friday, Dotcom indicated via his Twitter page that a new Megaupload was close to finished.

“Quick update on the new Mega: Code 90% done. Servers on the way. Lawyers, Partners & Investors ready. Be patient. It’s coming,” commented Dotcom.

Dotcom was arrested by New Zealand authorities working with U.S. officials in January. During that time, the DOJ alleged that Dotcom, originally known as Kim Schmitz, gained $175 million due to what U.S. authorities view as the site’s illegal operation.

The Megaupload founder has, however, defended himself, maintaining he violated no such U.S. copyright laws. Kim Dotcom is currently fighting an extradition request to the U.S. where faces charges.

Most recently, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key admitted that New Zealand authorities improperly obtained communications from the Megaupload founder, according to the BBC. An inquiry into the matter has since been launched.