New Nexus 7 Goes Drop & Dive Testing VS iPad mini

New Nexus 7 Goes Drop & Dive Testing VS iPad mini(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Looking at the 7-inch tablet market? If so, you’ve probably been considering frontrunner products like the new Nexus 7 or Apple iPad mini.

And while tech specs and OS (iOS or Android) are likely top considerations, the question of durability also remains important.

Not to fear, though – if you’re wondering which option is best suited to stand the test of drops and even water damage, warranty provider Square Trade recently tested out the new Nexus 7, its predecessor and the Apple iPad mini.

The second generation Google Nexus 7 device was released just last month and actually weighs a bit less than its predecessor. So how does it stand up VS the other options? Watch the YouTube clip from Square Trade below: