New Oculus VR Goggles, Crystal Cove, Features 1080p Video

New Oculus VR Goggles, Crystal Cove, Features 1080p Video(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  The virtual reality gaming goggles made by Oculus VR made its way to the CES, where its prototype was tested by attendees of the show.

The “Crystal Cove” features full 1080p video, a step up from the Oculus Rift development kit.

According to PC Mag, the prototype’s motion data gives users a smooth video image by polled motion sensors, which greatly reduces blur users saw in its predecessor.

Additionally, the company enhanced motion tracking in the new goggles by adding infrared LEDs and a camera that tells the computer where the headset is in three-dimensional space.

The video “mocapping” makes head tracking more accurate and can follow its “ X, Y, and Z axis location,” continues PC Mag’s report.

Oculus VR has yet to announce the availability of the Crystal Cove.