New OnApp & WHMCS Module Makes Selling Cloud Simple

New OnApp & WHMCS Module Makes Selling Cloud Simple(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  OnApp has released a new integration for WHMCS  that creates an end-to-end cloud management, billing and support platform for hosting companies and other service providers. With OnApp and WHMCS, service providers can now offer fully automated cloud, virtual private server, CDN, DNS and reseller services through a single control panel, giving them an easy way to enter the cloud market.

WHMCS is a leading client management, billing and support tool for web hosts, cloud providers and other online businesses, with tens of thousands of licenses deployed worldwide. When combined with OnApp’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, through the new integration modules released today, the two products automate the entire range of functions needed for a fully-featured cloud hosting brand.

“WHMCS is an incredibly important billing and support platform for hosts, especially in the midmarket,” said Carlos Rego, OnApp’s Chief Visionary Officer. “The development of the new module was heavily influenced by our customers, and the flexible WHMCS API let us deliver exactly what they needed. For WHMCS customers looking to step up to cloud hosting, or hosts looking for an end-to-end platform for everything from cloud provisioning to support, the combination of OnApp and WHMCS is hard to beat – and we hope to welcome many new clients this year.”

“Combining WHMCS with OnApp brings together two great products for a customer base that demands complete automation,” said Matt Pugh, WHMCS CEO. “With OnApp and WHMCS, service providers have a fully automated system for cloud hosting, from orchestration to service design and support, and now WHMCS customers can sell an even wider range of services based on OnApp.”

With OnApp and WHMCS, service providers can now offer:

  • Cloud Servers with fixed monthly pricing plans, or by-the-hour utility pricing
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with fixed and flexible pricing plans
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): providers can charge for fixed-rate global CDN packages or on a flexible basis, according to traffic, with OnApp’s federated cloud
  • DNS Zones charged on a per-zone basis
  • Reselling: providers can use WHMCS to resell OnApp-managed infrastructure to other providers, so they can offer OnApp cloud services without requiring their own deployment of OnApp

The integration was developed by OnApp over a five month period, with technical assistance from WHMCS, and input from OnApp customers whose test results and requests were fed directly to the development team. Long-standing OnApp customer, eApps Hosting ( was one key member of the testing team.

“It’s been a great experience Beta-testing the new OnApp/WHMCS integration,” said eApps President, Richard Lingsch. “OnApp made a strong effort to engage with us to understand our needs, the way our customers expect us to deliver their hosting services, so they could be reflected in the integration. We’re excited about where the two platforms are going, and we expect to be one of the first providers to go live.”

The OnApp WHMCS module is available free of charge to OnApp customers. Development of the module will continue with the addition of OnApp’s new bare metal server and smart server provisioning capabilities to WHMCS in a future release.

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