New OpenStack Cloud Solutions Unveiled by Rackspace

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today hosting provider Rackspace provides for one of the most popular IaaS platforms in the market, OpenStack. The Apache-based system was launched by the company in coordination with NASA around two years ago.

On Monday, the company revealed a range of cloud solutions primarily backed by the IaaS pertaining to cloud areas such as storage, networks, servers and databases.

Rackspace clients are given the ability to tag their servers with the company’s new Cloud Control Panel while a new solution known as Cloud Servers is set for full release on the first of next month.

“We’re drawing a line in the sand against proprietary cloud providers,” commented Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier when discussing the matter in a press release. Napier continued by saying that his company was “providing an open cloud alternative, backed by Fanatical Support and our core expertise on OpenStack, to deliver a strong product portfolio that will help customers navigate their way through an increasingly complex cloud environment.”

All products fall under “The Rackspace Next Generation Public Cloud.” Also included in the services is Cloud Databases, a solution that pertains to MySQL. Meanwhile, Cloud Monitoring allows Rackspace customers to oversee applications.

Two other services are available by the company in preview versions. Included is Cloud Block Storage, a platform the company says is “designed to give customers highly elastic raw storage and a choice between a high performance (leveraging solid state disks) or a standard lower-cost block storage solution.” The other test software is Cloud Networks. Rackspace says it’s “designed to allow customers to manage logically abstracted network services programmatically.”

“It is exciting to watch the OpenStack community continue to grow and to be part of the ecosystem creating real products that solve real user problems,” commented RightScale VP Bailey Caldwell in Rackspace’s press release. RightScale is a cloud management provider.

As a company, Rackspace offers a variety of hosting solutions pertaining to areas such as cloud, managed, hybrid, email, applications and more. Earlier this month, the company unveiled its new Exchange 2010 offering for business customers. For more information regarding the latest releases, view a press release here (