New PvP Details Revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online

PvP Details Revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With an early 2014 release, The Elder Scrolls Online is rightfully one of next year’s most highly anticipated game launches.

And while the game was originally announced last year, we’re still filling in the holes regarding everything that the Skyrim prequel will feature.

Well on Monday, Zenimax revealed more Elder Scrolls Online information via one of its “Ask Us Anything” Q&A’s via the game’s website, specifically focusing a number of its answers on the game’s PvP features.

One fan, Jenny Balls, asked about how resurrection would work for the game with PvP. Zenimax noted “Soul Gems” would be required to resurrect players. “Provided you have the Soul Trap spell, you can always find monsters or players in the area to fill your empty Soul Gems with. You can also buy filled Gems at a premium. This means that battles are actually won or lost—you want to make sure one side can’t just keep bringing in reinforcements, causing a battle to last forever,” explained Zenimax.

Meanwhile, another fan, Adam Schuster, asked if summons was considered a “viable weapon” for the PvP format. While emphasizing that it wanted summons in Elder Scrolls Online to have both properties of PvP and PvE settings, Zenimax noted it was giving summoning spells powerful utilities to “supplement their damage and tanking potential.”

Fans are also wondering how players will be assigned in PvP campaigns (Specifically, fan Forrester Lavigne brought up this topic in the Q&A). “Characters are assigned campaigns on a character-by-character basis within your own account. You are not allowed to have an Ebonheart Pact character assigned to the same campaign as an Aldmeri Dominion character on your account. There will be campaigns after launch with various special rules (such as higher rank requirements) that you can elect to join,” stated Zenimax.

Zenimax previously highlighted features of The Elder Scrolls Online during a presentation at QuakCon 2013 in August.