New Zynga CEO Explored Zynga Buyout at Microsoft

New Zynga CEO Explored Zynga Buyout at Microsoft(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Former Xbox chief Don Mattrick may be new to Zynga after recently being named the company’s CEO, but that doesn’t mean some affiliation with the social gaming pioneer didn’t previously exist.

According to a report from on Sunday, Mattrick actually explored a purchase of Zynga while he was still working at Microsoft.

“The idea was to bolster Microsoft’s Xbox lineup with social games that then were adding millions of users on Facebook Inc. (FB)’s network each week,” read Bloomberg’s report.

Unnamed sources, however, indicated that the discussions “ultimately fell apart.”

Zynga is the popular developer of social games such as FarmVille. And despite success, the company has struggled in the recent past. In June, Zynga announced the layoff of 520 workers as part of a cost reduction strategy.