nibl, Inc. Announces Launch of Premium Content Network

nibl, Inc. Announces Launch of Premium Content Network(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Austin-based startup, nibl, Inc. (, announced today the launch of its premium content network designed to allow members to upload and monetize “crumbs” of digital content such as videos, photos, music, articles, and software programs. nibl users can use the network to sell content, raise money or make donations with price tags starting at just a penny. nibl members can also purchase content from other members in the network by simply clicking on the digital price tags attached to their content.

CEO Joe Enzminger says nibl is different from other online payment systems. “Unlike solutions such as PayPal that only handle payment processing, nibl’s solution includes a paywall that protects content until payment is made and offers content owners multiple options to sell content: pay per view, pay for access during a specific time period, or pay for perpetual download access. We handle the whole publishing, selling and payment process. The process is beautifully simple and does not require sharing any personal or private information.”

nibl is a technology startup based in Austin, TX. The company has developed a hosted content network and paywall solution that allows users to access content from publishers across the web with a single account – often with a single click. Publishers can upload content to the nibl marketplace and distribute it through email and social networks or integrate with nibl directly to sell content through their own websites. Consumers get access to premium content without having to share personal or private information with each website they visit. nibl representatives will be attending various events at #SXSW Interactive later this week.