Nintendo Announces New 3DS and 3DS XL Models

Nintendo Announces New 3DS and 3DS XL Models(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Nintendo announced last week new versions of the 3DS and 3DS XL, adding many new changes and hardware additions to the popular handheld console.

Both devices will feature an extended battery life of 15 percent, bigger screens, a Micro SD slot, a new processor, and a C-stick analog pad that can be used as a camera control and button, Joystiq reports.

Additionally, the consoles will include Super Stable 3D functionality that enables the 3D features to stay sharp and not blurry, as well as the ability to communicate with the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Amiibo figurines through built-in NFC technology.

The $154 3DS will be available in White and Black, with the $181 3DS XL in Metallic Blue and Metallic Black. Both models will be release in Japan on October 11th.

Nintendo noted in a press release that the U.S. and European markets will not receive these new devices this year.