Cartika Increases Server Density by 5X with CloudLinux

CloudLinux has been humming along for a few months since its February 2010 launch and have picked up many customers and partners. Those who have deployed CloudLinux are able to take advantage of the increased density, stability and performance benefits.

Cartika, an industry innovator in cloud hosting services, is one partner who has deployed CloudLinux and is seeing the improvements that tenant level virtualization can bring to its shared hosting infrastructure.  Now there’s a case study that highlights what Cartika did and the results to date.

Cartika decided to deploy CloudLinux as part of a recent server upgrade project. They wanted to capitalize on the improved density and stability and ensure that no one account could take down one of their servers not only during the upgrade, but while they are working to grow their shared hosting base.

After deployment, not only did Cartika increase density by 5X and consolidate servers on a ratio of 5 to 1, but were also able to improve uptime and performance. Cloud Linux released a case study, which chronicles the project and progress achieved during Cartika’s project.

By deploying CloudLinux, Cartika maximized its hardware consolidation efforts and improved server density and stability.  CloudLinux increased the number of accounts hosted on one server and improved the consolidation efforts – so that now no one account can take down the entire server.  Server stability also improved by allowing Cartika to set resource limits on their shared hosting customers without sacrificing uptime or performance.  In addition, the Cartika hardware upgrade gave their customers more processing power.

It’s one thing to just talk about how products can impact your business, but its great to see it in action in a real world scenario – read the case study and check out more about what CloudLinux can do for you.