Obama Pushes for Nationwide 4G Service

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – President Obama made it clear during his recent State of the Union address that he wants to advance the U.S. in the age of technology.

During a recent speech at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, the president outlined the details of his new plan to make 4G wireless broadband available for 98% of Americans by 2016.

Obama also announced the details of how the budget would be spent. The plan would ask local media stations to donate a portion of the broadcast spectrum assigned to them by the Federal Communications Commission. The portions would then be auctioned off to wireless providers. In turn, local stations would receive proceeds from the deal.

“Every American deserves access to the world’s information. Every American deserves access to the global economy. We have promised this for 15 years. It’s time we delivered on that promise”, Obama told the crowd, according to cnet.

The new plan is part of an initiative to revitalize the lagging economy by stimulating growth in the technology sector. The White House estimates that the funds raised by the auctions will bring in $30 billion over the next decade. The new budget will soon be passed off to Congress for approval.