Oculus Rift To Be Released “As Soon As Possible”

Oculus Rift To Be Released "As Soon As Possible"(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Oculus VR, creators of the virtual reality gaming goggles, Oculus Rift, announced last week that they successfully secured funding to help the development of their product.

Last Thursday, the company announced that they received $75 million in funding from the Andreesseen Horowitz firm, Spark Capital, and Matrix Partners, among others, reported CNet.

“We believe Oculus will not only alter the gaming landscape but will redefine fundamental human experiences in areas like film, education, architecture, and design. Oculus is at the tip of the iceberg of its potential, and we’re incredibly excited to help them change the world,” stated Marc Andreesseen, founder of the Andreesseen Horowitz firm.

The money raised will be used to hire more staff, which will help get the Oculus Rift to stores faster, continues CNet’s report.

The Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display features stereoscopic 3D, which will create “an environment within the goggles that makes people feel as though they’re actually there.”

The news of Oculus’s funding comes days after Apple received a patent on a similar goggle design.