OfficeXta Announces Partnership Opportunities

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – OfficeXta announces that they now have global partnership opportunities. Those interested in partnering are now able to offer its cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform to their customers. This partnership will provide resellers and affiliates with an additional revenue stream, as they help clients with their business needs.

“According to technology research by Gartner, spending on social software to support sales, marketing and customer service processes will exceed $1 billion worldwide by 2013,” explains Emeka Okwara, CEO of OfficeXta. “OfficeXta is at the forefront of this industry because, unlike our competition, we are laser-focused on return on investments for businesses.”

The OfficeXta social enterprise collaboration platformenables employees to collaborate with their co-workers, customers, and business partners. The system works by connecting people inside and outside of an organization with applications, enterprise data and enterprise systems all in the cloud. It is also available to the 3 million businesses that use Google Apps, as well as those who use Google Chrome Webstore and Google Chromebook Laptops. It addresses real business needs.

Those who resell it will find that it provides a lucrative additional revenue stream. Ideal businesses for this partnership include Google Apps, CRM, ERP, and Enterprise Software Resellers, and technology service providers.

The multitude of benefits and features for those businesses who use the OfficeXta enterprise collaboration platform include:

  • Every employee can have a public and private online profile where they can share real-time messages with co-workers, customers, and business partners.
  • Engaging in social collaboration with co-workers, customers, and business partners, including a real-time activity stream.
  • Securely sharing real-time applications and company data, as well as Google documents, calendar and more. Integrated with Google Apps so Google Apps users can create and share Google Documents and enterprise applications with their co-workers and external clients, all from OfficeXta.
  • Creating and sharing online stores connected to your company’s inventory systems within 5 minutes and features Fedex and Paypal integration. Comes with online customer support tools.
  • Creating and sharing real-time business intelligence reports connected to your enterprise systems.
  • Collaborating with Facebook and Twitter customers and monitoring customer activities.
  • Creating and managing an online community of customers, employees, and business partners.
  • Using OfficeXta’s enterprise collaboration platform to save costs, increase revenue and sales, and improve employee productivity. It is also effective at improving overall customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

“OfficeXta has seen a significant need for its enterprise collaboration platform by small to large organizations around the world,” added Okwara. “OfficeXta will provide training and support to its partners, to ensure that they are successful in their respective markets.”

Those interested in partnering or reselling the OfficeXta platform can learn more at:

About OfficeXta:

OfficeXta, a cloud-based social enterprise platform, enables employees to collaborate with co-workers, business partners and customers in real-time over the OfficeXta Social Business Network platform. The additional collaboration between businesses and their audiences, including customers, partners and co-workers, helps to increase productivity and improve customer service, as well as product improvement. To learn more about OfficeXta, visit the website at

About OfficeXta for Google Apps Marketplace:

Three million businesses on Google Apps can begin collaborating with their employees registered on Google apps, by using OfficeXta. They can create and share Google documents and OfficeXta cloud-based enterprise applications with their Google and non-Google Apps co-workers and clients using the OfficeXta enterprise collaboration platform. To learn more about OfficeXta for Google Apps Marketplace, click here and click install.