Oh Gawd! Apple V. Samsung Part Deux Arrives in November

Do you smell it? Because that’s bad milk. Can’t these two sides just get along?!

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ready or not, here a patent battle comes. The usual suspects, none other than Apple and Samsung, will again duel it out in court come November, according to a Tuesday report from ZDNet.

The case revisits Apple receiving an award of $450.5 million last August in a win over Samsung.

Meanwhile, those calling for the hearing have maintained the award amount should be recalculated – as it was determined “incorrectly.”

But if $450.5 million sounds like a lot – that’s actually down quite a bit compared to what Apple was initially due to receive; $1.05 billion until it was overturned by a federal judge.

Discussing the case’s verdict last year, Enders Analysis Benedict Evans was quoted by The Telgraph as saying, “The money was really irrelevant for Apple. For Samsung it will be painful, but for any other Android handset maker the payout would have been ruinous.”

In last August’s case, Samsung was found of being in violation of several key Apple patent protections.