OH NO! Hackers Use Dropbox & WordPress for Malware

OH NO! Hackers Use Dropbox & WordPress for Malware (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Cyber hackers who in the recent past hacked The New York Times have added new tactics to their arsenal. According to a report from PCWorld on Saturday, security firm Cyber Squared recently signaled that the group known as “Comment Crew” had begun using Dropbox about one year ago.

In addition to that, they were also said to use popular blogging service WordPress.

“I wouldn’t say it’s new,” commented Rich Barger, chief intelligence officer for Cyber Squared, according to PCWorld. “It’s just something that folks aren’t really looking at or paying attention to.”

The hackers are thought to be based in China and aren’t said to be exploiting the platforms. Instead, the report from PCWorld noted they were utilizing them as part of their infrastructure.

In one instance, the group uploaded a legitimate .ZIP file to Dropbox, directing users to an email PDF file which ultimately opened malware. “As an example a Chinese threat group has been observed staging a malicious document containing a custom backdoor that interacts with WordPress, then delivering it via Dropbox.  In doing so, the attackers did not have to compromise the “easy to mitigate” midpoint infrastructure that has been previously seen in traditional targeted attacks; such as SMTP relay servers or web servers,” stated security firm Cyber Squared via its blog.

In January of this year, The New York Times disclosed a breach, noting that it was ultimately able to block the intruders after they stole sensitive employee data such as passwords.