OMG! A Kindle Fire HD for Just $99?!

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Talk about a big price cut: On Wednesday, a report from Tech Crunch signaled that Amazon was rumored to be working on a Kindle Fire HD for only $99.

Such a move would mark a product $100 dollars lower than Amazon’s currently most affordable Kindle HD offering.

According to Tech Crunch, the device could be similar to the current 7”, featuring a TI processor along with a 1280×800 resolution.

While this could simply be speculation – Amazon did earlier this month announce a slight discount regarding its 8.9” HD Kindles.

“Amazon is in a unique position to be able to bring cheap yet high-quality tablets to market because it is not reliant on the hardware itself to turn a profit. The Kindle family of devices are a way of making existing Amazon customers buy more stuff,” explained tech writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in report appearing via

Amazon’s cheapest Kindle Fire currently comes without HD and is available for $159.00.