On Mac, ‘SabPub’ Trojan Spread by Java Exploit

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – There’s yet another virus affecting Macintosh operating systems in a big way. On Saturday, Kaspersky Lab Expert Costin Raiu revealed that a newly detected Java exploit infected Apple users with a Trojan virus known as Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a.

“After it is activated on an infected system, it connects to a remote website in typical C&C fashion to fetch instructions,” commented Raiu when describing the Trojan on Securelist.com, a virus information website.

Raiu continued, “The backdoor contains functionality to make screenshots of the user’s current session and execute commands on the infected machine.” Meanwhile, Raiu cited reports that spreading of the virus may have originated from two U.S. and Germany-based websites linked to users through email messages.

The revelation of a new Macintosh virus follows the detection of a large botnet which had reportedly infected up to 550 thousand Apple computers according to security firm Doctor Web. Like SabPub, the malware known as “Flashback” also relied on infected Java coding. Apple recently addressed the issue by releasing a removal tool.

In the past, Apple systems have  been highly regarded for their immunity against infections that are usually more prominent on Windows-based systems. For more information on SabPub, view a blog post on securelist.com.