Online Access: iOS Now Ahead of Mac OS?

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Without a doubt, access to the Internet via mobile devices has increased drastically in recent years as more people begin to use smartphones and tablet devices.

On Friday, a report from data analytics company Chitika provided detailed insight into just how significant a role mobile represents for top electronics provider Apple.

According to the study, web access by using iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad now accounts for more users than those accessing the web via Macintosh computers running Apple’s Mac OS.

Both now represent around 8%, with iOS slightly higher.

Chitika gathered its data based on ad impressions provided for through its network. The news represents a significant change since just the latter half of 2011 when in August Mac OS still represented significantly higher web usage than that of iOS.

However, the change likely had to do something with Apple’s high sales of its devices during the Holiday season, including that of the iPhone 4S. To view Chitika’s report, go here (