Online Stores 101

Short of sharing our opinions, sharing our goods and services (whatever they might be) is the biggest thing we do online these days.  Everybody has something to sell, but how do you get started in the e-commerce world?  I will be covering some of the e-commerce basic right here on this very podcast today.  Hopefully it helps you learn a little more about how to get your own shopping cart set up or how to setup a store though one of the free store providers out there.

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You want to sell something online?  Then you have picked the right podcast to listen to.  I might not cover every little thing, but I will give you the information you need to get started in web hosting e-commerce.

Here is a summary of the topics we will cover this week:

DIY E-Commerce Basics

There is a lot more to consider when it comes to setting up your own online store on your website.  If you are serious though about becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur though, I will give you the basic things you need to have before you get started building your own online storefront.

3 Great Free E-Commerce Storefronts

If you want to start your own virtual store out there on the Web, you don’t have to go through all the hard work of setting up a shopping cart, lining up shippers, processing credit cards and all those other headaches that are often involved with e-commerce.  You could sign up with one of these free online storefronts instead.  While they might take a cut of the profits, in the long term – they might also save you money too.

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast – and for more great web hosting podcasts, be sure to check out