OOPS! Facebook Glitch Leaves Accounts Exposed

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Imagine your Facebook account left accessible without a password to strangers. That was recently a reality for a number of accounts. According to a BBC report on Friday, an issue pertinent to the popular social network appeared via a message from The Hacker News.

Containing a search string, a user could use Google to bring up a total of 1.32 million user profiles. At times, clicking on the profile links automatically logged the user into the Facebook account without the password.

The issue has since been corrected but was made possible via a search syntax commonly contained in the social network’s email alerts.

According to the report, Facebook security engineer Matt Jones even commented on the message, explaining the likely scenario in how the problem occurred. “For a search engine to come across these links, the content of the emails would need to have been posted online,” Jones commented.

“Regardless, due to some of these links being disclosed, we’ve turned the feature off until we can better ensure its security for users whose email contents are publicly visible,” the Facebook security official continued, according to the BBC.

Whatever the case, the problem no longer persists but it surely wouldn’t hurt to reset your password.